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Upper crust, but underground. The Ruby Sea muddled with white stone. Blood Money is La Noscea's premier den for all those looking to get away from the bug-eyes of the Yellowjackets and their red, pavement-prowling friends. Hunkered down beneath the hollowed-out waterways of Mist, enjoy absolutely no less—and likely much more—than ten fulms of La Noscean masonry between you and the nearest lawman.

Speak easy & drink hard liquor.

  • A loaded selection of spirits and liquors sourced from local distilleries and exotic masters, including our bombshell, ultra-exclusive Black Dango,

  • A gold leaf smoke lounge, boasting cigars and blends from here to Thavnair,

  • Gambling at The Four Suits with the spectacular Dealer and his eclectic selection of games,

  • A menu evocative of the mysterious East, grounded by the tradition and well-known comforts of Vylbrand,

  • Jaunty, live music and swingin' playlists,

  • Five minutes of peace, knowing even The Navigator won't find you.


Our gold leaf smoke lounge boasts cigars and blends from Vylbrand's pale shores to the rainbow beaches of Thavnair.[Smoking will not get you high, but it'll probably relax you]Prices are in gil.


puff 'em.
[Smoke for 20–90 mins, usually longer depending on size]

Toothless Barracuda


Mild spice. Wood, grass.

4 ilm / 48 ring (short & fat)

An easy, local stogie. Good if you don't know what smoke tastes like.

Yume The Dreamer


Sweet, Creamy smoke. Vanilla.

8.5 ilm / 45 ring (long)

A long, Hingan bastard, cut to excite the natural beauty of the tobacco.

95th anniversary Vivi Blanc


Floral, nutty. Hints of citrus.

4.5 ilm / 70 ring (fat)

The real deal. A mastercraft wrapped in broadleaf, truly backed by time and built upon over almost a hundred years.

Great Work Grande 101


earthy, herbal. Tea & honey notes.

5.5 ilm / 42 ring (regular)

A complex Thavnairian import worthy of its name, boasting a pristine, oily wrapper. This is what the alchemists are really up to. Evolves as it burns.


smoke 'em.
[Smoke as cigarettes (3–10 mins each) or with a Huqqa (20–80 mins)]



Dry, pure & strong.

You know it. That timeless hometown taste. This is real Lominsan tobacco. Don't go too fast, you might get dizzy.

Hao De Crush


Rich & full.

Fire-cured, the Good Crush comes to us all the way from Doma. They know how to smoke over in the enigmatic East, though it's usually with a pipe.

Sayonara Sukki



They say everything from the soil to the trees have a soul in Othard. Air-cured by eastern skies, this import was probably cultivated by a Hingan spirit.


pass it 'round.
[Huqqa is inhaled via hose and can last 20–80 mins]

Gara Gara


Green tea & lime.

Newer to the scene, this is fresh Hingan shisha. A low-key blonde leaf, it's bright, and leaves you cool on the exhale.

Thirteen Thousand Faces Smiling Backwards


Rose & Jasmine.

With its unique, musky aroma, this dark Thavnairian shisha is praised by the rainbow sun, leaving you chewing on the taste for awhile.



Persimmon & Melon.

Penelo was probably the guy who died getting this out of Dalmasca. You won't find this fresh blondy anywhere else.

The Rules

Blood Money is a SFW 18+ heavy RP venue.
Stuff OOC chatter in tells or group.

  1. No password, no entry.

  2. Get rid of your weapons, get rid of your minions.

  3. Put your dick away. Keep your hands to yourself.

  4. Heed security. Take fights outside.

  5. Workers are Looking to Meld. Don't disrespect them. Don't whisper inappropriately to them. Don't /shout—employees only.

  6. Management will remove and Blacklist people who can't follow the rules.

  • Black stools for smalls, red stools for talls!

  • Feel free to use the adjoining alley for loitering or shady deals.

Dress Code

Patrons are encouraged to dress fine, and glitzy, and at-least-sort-of-formal, but if you're a poor, you can still show up as long as you can afford a pretzel.

All That Glistens...

Strut your stuff in our exclusive Big Money Room, gamble your heart out, enjoy priority service and endless libations on the house! Our prestigious VIPs can put down cash monthly or go big forever. Maybe you just want people to know your name. We got you.

The High Roller

x500k or xboost_month

Flaunt your feathers.

  • Get the run of the place, no password needed

  • A seat +1 in our exclusive Big Money Room

  • Access to The Four Suits gambling table and max bet of 1mil

  • One complimentary smoke, valued up to 35k/visit

  • Free cocktails (-Black Dango) & grey-priced liquors

The Lifer


You only live once.

  • All High Roller perks, forever

  • Direct TP to Blood Money

  • A portrait on the wall

The Merci


Cuz you can.

  • All High Roller & Lifer perks, forever

  • Your arrival, announced as you like

  • A cocktail named after you

  • A priority seat of your choosing

Bar buyout


everybody knows your name.

  • Covers all liquor for all patrons (-Black Dango)

Big Money Takeover


It's all yours.

  • Take Big Money all for yourself and your party for an evening

  • Access to The Four Suits gambling table

  • Free drinks (-Black Dango) & smokes

  • Must be scheduled beforehand

Contact management when the doors are open, or on off-hours.

The Four Suits

Four seats, four suits. VIPs roll with The Dealer.

High Rollers naturally gain access to Big Money's gambling table, The Four Suits. Our Dealer likes to mix it up with twists on familiar hands and dice you won't see anywhere else this side of the Indigo. Not to say it's not above board, of course. He's typically got Ventii, Street Craps, Hazard, and Banca Uldana in his back pocket, but you never know when the guy's shufflin' up something new.


Jump in our Discord!

Dates, details, codes—our server's got it all. If you have any questions, need info, or want to sign up for VIP, contact management.

Looking for opportunities?

You'll often find The Shark milling around the floor on opening nights. Connect with him if you're looking to talk business, or seek connections.

Ready to jump behind the bar? Blood Money's the people walking the floor. Join a great team and have yourself a good time.